Creative Director



Velocity Grill logo awarded in PRINT magazine 

The logo is inspired by the avant-garde vernacular of Philippe Starck’s architecture and interiors. The typographic collage arrangement of the “Velocity” letterforms defines the basic structure of this “open identity system”— which goes on to accommodate a variety of textures, color, and imagery. The logo has qualities of sports activities such as change, motion, and team within an artistic arrangement—sports as art form.

Additional logo designs presented to the client

Variation 1
This logo option alludes to the ‘streak’ of a blade, the mark of speed. Here’s the athlete’s movement in abstracted and personalized art form. The logo signifies the relationship between static and kinetic motion. “Velocity”, emphasized in size and letterspacing, is executed in a strong, oblique-style typeface.

Variation 2
The Velocity “V” is glorified as an animated letterform, evoking divergent qualities relating to flight, architecture, dominance, success, and the figurative form. The restaurant is sure to attract a diverse group of patrons that will respond differently to the visual language the letterform presents.